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I Stand Firm

Stay strong and stay blessed
Never say that I am less
As life goes on to its last breathe
You need to hold strong every single thread
I had closed my eyes
And taken a back
I had shut the door
And veiled the guise
But then I realized

When I heard the sound
That people were out from all around
Bleating the truth of the surreal sound
The storm had stopped
And the wind was gone
I opened the door
Was the fact that I found
Far at a distance
I could see the diminishing silhouette
As the sun was gearing
To surpass the squall
It was the time of the dawn
Chirping birds were flying about
Men and women discarding the frown
Children playing for the future’s bow
I can breathe the fresh air
I can feel the hope
I can see the rising sun
And now can I affirm
The inception of a new era
Is about to begin
As I stand alone
And I stand firm